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Want New Carpet Installed Before the Holidays?

 By Alan Fletcher - Flooring Expert and Consumer Advocate


If you’ve got friends and family coming for the holidays this year, you might be considering replacing your old worn out carpet or flooring.  If so, here are some "helpful insider tips & tricks" to help you choose new carpet and flooring wisely, how to save time and money and make sure to have it all installed correctly... long before your holiday guests arrive!




Every year, right after Halloween and about three weeks before thanksgiving there is always a hot rush by homeowners to replace old worn out carpet and have fresh new installed before their friends and family arrive for the holidays. 


Many homeowners wait too long and discover that they can’t get their new carpet or flooring installed in time. Here is how to avoid that problem!


Here are smart tips and tricks for savvy homeowners explained by a trusted industry expert to help you make sure choose your new flooring wisely, get a fair & square deal and make sure your new flooring is installed properly... long before your holiday guests arrive!


There are basically two ways to buy new carpet or flooring...


The fast way... or the slow way!


Each have their positive and negative benefits. 


Here is what you need to know...



The Fast Way to Buy new Carpet or Flooring...


1.) Buying “In Stock” carpet or flooring from local flooring retailer or carpet warehouse. The style, color and options are limited to what they have available, but you can usually buy it today and have it installed within a week or two. Not all locally-owned flooring dealer carry a large selection of rolls of "In Stock" carpet. 


Most retailers have a limited supply of carpet remnants, which may be purchased to do a small room or two. I suggest you call ahead and ask if the dealer in question has a decent supply of in-stock rolls of carpet for immediate purchase. Visit My Preferred Carpet Dealer Directory to learn more.



The Slow Way to Buy New Carpet or Flooring...


2.) Ordering from a "Manufacturer's Sample". This gives you more options as to style, color. texture and grade, but you never know exactly when the material you order will arrive. This option requires waiting for your new carpet or flooring to be manufactured and shipped to you on a truck from the mill, often located in Dalton Georgia. Your new flooring can take weeks or even months to arrive if there are any problems along the way. 


Delays in delivery can be caused be due to manufacturing equipment failure, bad weather, road maintenance or highway accidents, just to name a few. Visit My Preferred Carpet Dealer Directory to learn more.





Buying “In Stock” Carpet


If you want your new carpet installed fastest, you might want to consider buying carpet that is “in stock” There are always plenty of rolls of carpet readily available for immediate installation at a local carpet warehouse. The main benefit is that you can have it installed rather quickly and the prices can be quite reasonable.


The downside is that the carpet selection is limited to stock on-hand; it can be difficult to determine the grade or quality of the carpet in question; the amount of carpet available may be limited; the carpet may be “second grade” goods and there may not be any manufacturer’s warranty coverage.



Ordering New Carpet from the Mill


Every carpet retailer has carpet samples that you can take home and consider for a few days. The benefit of ordering new carpet from the mill is that you are guaranteed to get “first quality” carpet and you will always get the full manufacturer’s warranty. You also have the benefit of selecting the exact grade or quality you require and choose the color and style that you really want.


The downside is that you will have to wait for the carpet to be shipped before you can have it installed. It can take one to three weeks for your carpet to arrive, perhaps longer if the weather is bad or unforeseen problems arise.


If you decide to order from a sample, then you need to make sure you have your home measured accurately and place your order as soon as possible. To help ensure you get your new carpet installed in time for the holidays:


  • If you want your new carpet installed before Thanksgiving, you should place your order no later than October 15th.

  • If you want you have your new carpet installed by Christmas or before December 24th, you should place your order before November 15th.


Check with your local carpet or flooring dealer to make sure they are prepared to schedule your carpet installation as soon as your new carpet arrives from the mill. Doing your carpet homework and being well prepared in advance of installation day and you stand the best chance of choosing wisely, saving money and having your new carpet installed before your holiday guests arrive!



How to Choose the Right Carpet for YOU!


In order to save the absolute most money possible and get the whole job done correctly from start to finish, you need to make wise & informed choices. In order to be completely satisfied with your New Carpet purchase you need to consider all the following and more:



Smart shoppers can save hundreds by doing their Homework.


When buying new carpet, homeowners usually get a fair and square deal as long as they buy from a reputable carpet dealer and take the time to do their carpet homework before they buy.



Selecting the right carpet  

The carpet samples you see at the carpet store will all look and feel great, but some carpets are so cheaply made they will mat down quickly and show signs of wear within a year or two. You can’t tell if a carpet is well-made just by its look or feel. You need to know how to interpret all the carpet construction specifications to determine if the carpet in question will be a suitable choice for you.



What grade of carpet should I select?


Homeowners need access to complete and accurate product information in order to make wise and informed carpet choices. This information is normally found on the manufacturers label affixed to the back of every carpet sample. If the label is missing or the specifications are not shown, you will need to ask the salesperson to get the information for you. If they are unable or unwilling to provide you with the carpet specifications, you should take your business elsewhere. What Grade of Carpet Should I Select?



Private Labeling on Carpet Samples


Some carpet retailers use private labels to make it difficult for you to comparison shop. They change the style name or the color names of their carpet samples to keep you from shopping around for the best price. I think it's wrong for dealers to use private labels but it is a common practice among larger stores, national retailers and home improvement stores. 


Your best option is to shop around as much as you can and buy only from a dealer you feel comfortable with. There are still honest and reputable carpet stores out there, but you need to know more than just where to shop, you need to know which carpet & pad is right for you.



Sound Carpet Buying Advice?


Homeowners often rely on the advice and suggestions of carpet salespeople. Unfortunately, many carpet retailers prefer to hire salespeople who are good at selling, but often lack basic carpet knowledge and "hands on" experience. You will be better off if you make your own choices based upon your own research, and by verifying any and all advice or suggestions you might get from salespeople.



Selecting the right carpet padding


Selecting the right padding is very important. Padding has three main specifications to consider depending on your needs and goals. It’s important that you select the right type, thickness and density rating that is appropriate to your carpet selection and application. Some pads are better for use on stairs; some are better for basement applications; and it’s important that you meet the carpet manufacturer’s padding requirements or you might void your new carpet warranty. You should do your padding homework before you buy and not allow a salesperson to select the padding for you.





Where to Shop for Carpet


Depending on where you live, you may have limited choices as to where you can shop for new carpet or flooring for your home. In rural areas, there are usually fewer choices and you may need to drive to a more populated area to have more choices and better options to meet your needs and goals. No dealer can carry or display every carpet or flooring product option available. Most dealers try to cater to the majority of people who live within their service area.



Only buy from a local dealer that caters to your needs and goals.


In larger cities, there are plenty of carpet or flooring retailers to choose from, but not all carpet retailers want to serve every type of buyer. Some retailers want to cater to a high-end clientele. Their prices will reflect that and they will carry products designed for those who have loads of money to spend. If you live in a home worth over $500,000 then you might want to buy from a retailer like this


Some carpet / flooring retailers cater to landlords and Property managers, if there is a large amount of apartments or rental properties within their service area. Landlords want to spend as little as possible to replace and repair the flooring in their rental properties or apartments due to the high turnover. 


Some flooring dealers carry products that cater to the average middle-class homeowners. These are homeowners like you and I who want a good price for a medium-grade flooring product that will typically last for 7 to 12 years. These dealers strive to carry the type and grade of products we want and at reasonable prices that you and I are typically looking to buy.





Getting Qualified and Proper Carpet Installation


Many carpet stores have a hard time finding, hiring and keeping qualified carpet installers. Installed wrong, your new carpet or flooring can easily lose half its intended life-span. 


Don't blindly trust any one salesperson to make choices for you. It is your responsibility to make sure your carpet is installed correctly. Print out and use my free Carpet Installation Inspection Form and do a thorough walk-through with your carpet installer when he is finished and before he leaves the jobsite. 


  • Never pay the final amount due until you are completely satisfied!


Learn How to Buy New Carpet Wisely!


Start by taking my free Carpet Foot Traffic Test to see what grade of carpet you need to buy based on your own personal needs, goals, lifestyle and budget.


Print out and use my Free Carpet Shopping Form


Learn your Carpet ABC's on my website at




Alan's Preferred Flooring Dealers


It's Hard to Find an Honest & Reputable Flooring Dealer! That's why I have created my own special hand-picked list of locally owned & reputable Flooring Dealers who offer free estimates, fair prices, knowledgeable staff, honest measuring and qualified installation! See who I Recommended Near You!



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