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Carpet Installation - Typical Cost & Prices

By Alan Fletcher - aka The Carpet Professor - 30-Year Flooring Expert and Consumer Advocate


I hope you don't fall for those low-cost carpet installation specials that home improvement stores advertise on TV. Remember the old saying... If it sounds too good to be true.... 


In this free article:

  • Learn the current cost to have new carpet installed in your home;

  • What extra fees & charges you might encounter;

  • How to save money on carpet installation costs.


I hope you don't fall for those low-cost carpet installation specials that home improvement stores advertise on TV. Remember the old saying... If it sounds too good to be true....


It's very important that you have your new carpet installed properly or you stand to lose as much as half of it's intended life span. 


Some carpet installers are not very well trained and will do a lousy job seaming it up,  stretching in the carpet and trimming it in nicely. 


You want to hire a carpet installer who has at least five years of experience for simple carpet jobs, and at least 10 years of experience for difficult carpet jobs. 


A simple carpet job would be an apartment using a low quality carpet and padding. A difficult carpet job would be a large job of more than 100 yards, or a job using an expensive grade of carpet, or a job involving a pattern match carpet, or a looped Berber carpet, or a job with a  curved flight of stairs, a staircase with spindles or any other upholstery work and so on.


The more involved a carpet job is, the more it's going to cost to have it done right!






The Real Numbers:


You can expect to pay about $2.50 per yard for installation in the southern states and as much as $5.50 per yard or more in northern states.



Some Carpet Retailers Pad Installation Costs.


Some carpet retailers choose make additional profits by padding the installation charges, often adding as much as 25% to the total installation cost. 


I feel this is an unfair charge to the consumer. Carpet retailers already make a fair and reasonable profit from the carpet and pad. Charging more for installation costs is unwarranted and unethical in my opinion. 


If your carpet retailer has higher than usual installation costs, you might want to shop around to see if other nearby carpet stores have lower and more reasonable installation prices.


Beyond the basic carpet installation


Some carpet dealers offer specials on carpet installation. Some of these specials are too good to be true. Free carpet installation sounds good when you hear about it, but in the end, is it really as good as it sounds? Not always. 


The basic carpet installation does not include any extras. If your carpet installation job needs any extras, then you may find that the final bill for your carpet install is much higher than you expect. Don’t assume that their low price installation is valid n your situation. When your carpet is installed, you may be faced with a sizable final bill that you did not expect.





It’s the unexpected extra fees and charges that can add up in a hurry if you’re not careful. Installing carpet on stairs will always demand an additional charge per stair. 


Depending on the type of stairs you have it will be anywhere from $3 for a standard box step to as much as $15 per step for a double-wrapped stair with a pattern-match Berber. 


The longer it takes to upholster a stair the more it will cost. The standard flight of stairs will usually add about $100 to $250 in addition to the normal cost of carpet installation.



Continued... Additional Carpet Installation Costs



What Grade of Carpet Should You Select?  Take my free Carpet Foot-Traffic Test to get your Foot-Traffic Score!





What Grade of Carpet Should I Select?  


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